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Friday, July 03, 2020

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Cleanroom Ergo Tables

Cleanroom Ergo Tables

The Cleanroom Ergo Tables are available with either solid or perforated tops. These tables have been designed taking into account all cleanroom ergonomic factors. The table tops have a rounded front edge for operator comfort. The table legs are curved and inset to prevent operator knocking knees on the table. This attention to detail is carried through into the welding and finish of the product. 

As is standard with all Palbam Class tables, all accessories such as : bottom shelf / top shelf / drawer units / sliding keyboard holder/s / flat screen holder/s / cleanroom casters  can be connected to this versatile table range. (Not included with table).


Please note that to fit a drawer unit AND a keyboard holder to the same table, it has to be minimum 1100mm length. 


Fabrication material : 304L stainless steel with electropolished finish & aluminum anodized connectors.
To view more table dimensions view the pdf link.

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Product LxWxH (mm) LxWxH (inches) Cat.No Quote Request
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Solid 600x760x900 24x30x36 WX0602
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Solid 800x760x900 32x30x36 WX0802
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Solid 1000x760x900 40x30x36 WX1002
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Solid 1200x760x900 48x30x36 WX1202
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Solid 1400x760x900 55x30x36 WX1402
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Solid 1600x760x900 63x30x36 WX1602
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Solid 1800x760x900 71x30x36 WX1802
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Perforated 600x760x900 24x30x36 WX0604
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Perforated 800x760x900 32x30x36 WX0804
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Perforated 1000x760x900 40x30x36 WX1004
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Perforated 1200x760x900 48x30x36 WX1204
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Perforated 1400x760x900 55x30x36 WX1404
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Perforated 1600x760x900 63x30x36 WX1604
Cleanroom Ergo Table - Perforated 1800x760x900 71x30x36 WX1804

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