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Thursday, July 09, 2020

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Full Length Mirror in Support Stand

Full Length Mirror in Support Stand

The Cleanroom mirrors are safe with adhesive backing to prevent shattering and are mounted on a stainless steel plate.
The mirror and plate are then mounted in a frame which is attached to the floor and the wall (see picture of MR-01). 

(If wall attachment is not permitted, two optional supports can be attached to the frame to enable a Free Standing Mirror).

Shipped in special protective shipping box.
In stock - delivered in 2 weeks - worldwide


Also available is a small wall mounted face mirror.


Fabrication material of frame : sst 304 electropolished finish.

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Product LxWxH (mm) LxWxH (inches) Cat.No Quote Request
Full Length Mirror in Support Stand 600x100x2100 24x4x83 MR-01
Small Wall Mount Face Mirror 400x500 16x20 GM0450

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